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Where are you on this scale?

Here in the SF bay area, our shelter in place orders were extended to May 31, 2020. We have a whole 'nother month of quarantine and I'm disappointed.  If I'm being honest- I noticed that as the weeks pass, I am declining lower and lower on the Emotional Guidance Scale.

I usually operate around the 1-5 range but lately I've fallen into contentment (7) and boredom (8). This is dangerous because that's the tipping point of where it starts "feeling bad" and spiraling down in lower vibrational frequencies. 

I choose not go there. 

There is one practice that I want to share with you that allows me to shift my emotions on a conscious and subconscious level to change my emotions on the Emotional Guidance Scale. It's something I learned from a MindValley course: Ask lofty questions. 

What is a lofty question?  A lofty question is a question that skyrockets you and lifts you. Sounds easy and too simple right? I thought so too, but I finally connected the dots when I was in an NLP training and studied how our brains process words at a subconscious level.Think about a sign that says "Do not cross". Our brains first processes "cross" before thinking about not crossing. Try not thinking about a pink elephant, and you're probably thinking about a pink elephant. That's why I believe words are so powerful and how we phrase and use words have the power to create our experiences. 

What are some of the things you say to yourself? Do you say "why don't I have money? I'm so broke"? What if you asked yourself "how is it that I have enough money to buy food and keep a roof over my head?". Instead of asking "Why do I have to sit through another month of isolation?, ask yourself "how is it that my single action of staying home can keep other people safe and alive?". It's about how we choose words and what we focus on. 

I ask myself lofty questions that would be true even if I had no friends or family, had absolutely nothing, or even if I were homeless. Here are some of my lofty questions I ask myself:

  • "How is it that I am I always learning and growing?"

  • "Why am I always surrounded by peace?"

  • "How is it that I am always surrounded by beauty?" 

  • "How is it that the universe is always supporting me?"

Even if I had NOTHING, I know that ALL these things would still be true for me. I will always be learning and growing. I will be surrounded by peace because I can quiet my mind and sit in stillness. The beauty in nature will always be surrounding me and I know that the universe is somehow supporting me- even if it doesn't make sense to me in that moment. 

These are some of my lofty questions I ask myself to raise my emotions and vibrations. Where are you right now on this scale? What are some lofty questions you can ask yourself to raise your emotional vibration? I'm curious to hear yours.

Keep rising up!


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