Hi! I'm Yurika!

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I help people Level UP their lives

I'm a Mindfulness & Empowerment Life Coach

I work with high level professionals who are committed to making sustainable change through mindfulness techniques so they can stand in their power to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. 

My clients identify thoughts/beliefs that are holding them back, and practice the power of re-frame and affirmations

My clients overcome obstacles/blocks that keep them from living the best version of themselves

My clients create empowerment through mindfulness practices and affirmations

I help my clients understand the importance and implications of worthiness and self-love.

Are you ready to LEVEL UP your life?

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness simply put is: non-judgemental present moment awareness. When we are mindful, we are completely present with what we are doing or the person we are with- shifting away from automatic states of distraction or thoughts of the past or future. When we LIVE mindfully, the internal noise does not govern our presence or take us away from deeper experiences. Instead, it is opens our minds to observe without judgement and allows us to engage fully and live in the moment.



"Yurika has been so wonderful and helpful on my journey to organization and helped increase self acceptance.

She showed me things from a different point of view that really clicked with me, that I had not experienced with therapists in the past.


She is knowledgeable, kind, and I never felt judged. Yurika is awesome and I am so so grateful that I found her." 



Never felt judged

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